• Just like every other business, landscaping too has been affected by the corona-virus pa
  • We at Seven bucks are doing our best to meet the challenges head on, our business is fully operational


With full awareness of the ongoing pandemic, we at Seven bucks have been working towards both,

  • Protecting our team members and their families.
  • Continuing with smooth functioning of our services so as to ensure that our clients are not inconvenienced.


We at Seven bucks understand the responsibility we have towards our team members. As per the WHO guidelines and Government norms, we keep the number of people working inside the office premises to a minimum. All of our team members who can work from home are doing so. This includes our sales, designing, PR, and HR executives.

  • Protecting our team members and their families.
  • Our team is up to date on its training with regards to ‘work-from-home’ scenarios


As all of our services are operating without interruption, our clients have not experienced any delays in making submission deadlines. If at all there are any minor delays, we will let you know immediately.


All of us at Seven bucks are practicing prescribed hygiene procedures, hand washing regimes and social distancing norms as prescribed by the government.


We will not compromise on our commitment towards making Landscaping more efficient and more resilient. Seven bucks plans to continue it's operations working for landscape architects and landscape designers while also using our services to address the needs of homeowners and those requiring landscape designs and estimates for commercial and hospitality industries.

  • This pandemic has brought the world together and given us a renewed awareness of what is most important, our health, our loved ones and our communities
  • It has also reinforced our belief in the human spirit.

"Let the hope within you be greater than the storm around you."

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